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Welcome to Universal Quoting, the quoting software designed to help accountants and other businesses quote smarter and work faster.

We understand the importance of producing accurate and timely quotes for clients, and our software makes it easier than ever.

Our intuitive user interface combined with powerful features and functions makes the entire quoting process faster, easier and more efficient.

With Universal Quoting, you can be sure that your quotes are accurate and up-to-date, while still providing the highest quality of service to your clients.

Our quoting software is designed to help you create quotes quickly and effortlessly, so you can get back to doing what you do best – delivering exceptional accounting services. Quote Smarter, Work Faster with Universal Quoting.

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Structured Layout

Logical flow to answer questions you need to ask clients.

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Easy Payment Options

3 levels of no-contract subscription to suit your needs

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Easy Customization

Fully customisable to suit every Accounting Practice needs.

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Account Integration

Links to Xero and reminders to follow up quotes. Free tools like show your clients how discounting affects prices.

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Clean Design

Simple layout but is fully customisable and has great terms of business document produced.

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Flexible costing structure

Unique pricing set up and structure for and client charges. Even Wills!



Darren qualified in accounting over 25 years ago and is keenly interested in processes. This led to the creation of version 1 of the quoting software. This was taken up by quite a few accounting firms when we showed it at Accountex.

Over the years of supporting it the feedback was that accountants wanted more flexibility so Darren set about creating Universal Quoting. The updated platform allows us to keep improving it. We continue to listen to our customers and develop the quoting software further.



Universal Quoting comes in three pricing options as described below.

Limited Quoting

£11.99/Per Month plus vat.

  • Limited Access to the system
  • Can create only 1 Users
  • Can create limited Quotes
  • Saving is limited to 10 Quotes
  • Can upgrade from this level anytime
  • Once hit the limit, need to wait until next billing period
Universal Quoting

£30/Per Month plus vat.

  • Full Access to the system
  • Can create 4 Users
  • Can create many Quotes
  • Saving is Unlimited
Large Universal Quoting

£50/Per Month plus vat.

  • Full Access to the system
  • Can create up to 15 Users
  • Can create many Quotes
  • Saving is Unlimited



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